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Eloghosa Ogbemudia was born in the United Kingdom but relocated to the US when he was six years old. He is a producer, musician, artist, and music and technology enthusiast with years of excellent skills and determination. He discovered his musical talent when he was very young and has been creating music since childhood. He entertained his friends, family, church congregations, and school community with his talent whenever he could.

Eloghosa Ogbemudia focused on his remarkable talent, mastered the necessary skills, and excelled in the industry. He is celebrated for his unique electronic hip-hop beats that stand out from others. Eloghosa’s music is also a testament to his life experiences and journey. Among his popular hits released between 2019 to 2021 are “Retro”, “Vibrant”, “Coming Home”, “Odyssey”, “Fallen”, “Vacation”, “Scythe”, and “Hollywood”, and “Freedom”.

Eloghosa continuously produces music, including three hit singles: “Mayhem”, “Diamond”, and “Rage”, and an EP dubbed “Living”. “Diamond” is his most recent release (April 2022), and it is a winner. It received one thousand plus plays on the first release day and continues to gain popularity across his social media platforms. In addition, Eloghosa’s Spotify platform has an average of 5,650 monthly listeners throughout the US.

Eloghosa is far from your average person. He is still in high school and juggles both his music and education. He puts in a lot of determination and hard work to excel in both, which is evidenced by his success. “I was awarded the ‘best student of my class award’ while still enjoying my free time and working hard to create music like a perfectionist,” Eloghosa says.

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