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Gillie Da Kid responds to Rick Ross saying that he’s getting his own and gives an explanation on how the feud began.


Gillie Da Kid continues to beef with Rick Ross and tells the MMG boss to leave him alone.

“Listen, man, I’m only going to tell you this one time Ross you better stop fucking playing with me man.”

The “Million Dollarz Worth Of Game” co-host goes on to explain how the beef with Ross started:

“Mind your fucking business man, because you went on a nigga Instagram page commenting about me calling me out my name my nigga for no fucking reason at all, this how this shit started so I’m going to tell you again man leave me the fuck alone.”

Gillie goes on to expose what is happening inside of Ross’s own camp with Meek Mill’s situation:

“Well you give Meek the money you owe him, nigga, cause you got him in a 1914 slave deal. He signed a Harriet Tubman joint when he was 19 and now he’s 35. Why you ain’t renegotiate with a real nigga.”

“Thank God he’s fucking with them white boys he’d fuck around, be broke, busted, and disgusted fucking with you. But he’s a hell of a businessman though; salute to you, Meek.”

Rick announced on Instagram that he will be creating a podcast soon and fans for suggestions on what he should call it.

“So guys I woke up and had a beautiful idea a boss idea.

“I’m going to start a podcast. Yup Im going to start a podcast, dead-ass serious, and guess what? I want to to help me name my podcast and if I decide to use your name, guess what? I’m going to bless you with the Holy Trinty.”

In response, the Co-host of Millon Dollarz Worth A Game podcast Gillie Da Kid went to Instagram and said he would like the “Hustin” rapper to name the podcast Locked Up while bringing up his past of being a Correctional Officer.

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