Flo Milli x Rae Sremmurd To Set New Rap Trend With Upcoming Single

Flo Milli announced new heat on the way with rap group Rae Sremmurd. This song is just an instrumental snippet that has fans speculating about what the song will sound like.


Flo Milli took to her Twitter to announce a new collab with fellow rap duo Rae Sremmurd.

The tweet included a 15-second instrumental with cover art so that fans could hear the song’s vibe. 

In addition, the new song’s title is “Community D*ck,” and it is set to be released on August 8th.

The “In The Party” artist is known for including lyrics about female empowerment in her music. 

Songs like “Weak” and “Conceited” gained popularity quickly due to their subject matter and music video references.

This will be a different sound for the “Powerslide” duo. 

The rap group is known to rap about the luxurious life of hip-hop. For them to switch the formula and rap about male promiscuousness is a new step for the “Throw Sum More” group.

These three coming together will be a very different dynamic of modern rap.

In other news on Rae Sremmurd, ½ of the duo rapper Swae Lee recently had to be saved from being in an elevator for three hours.

Swae, like most people, was frustrated while waiting for help to arrive. He was recorded while in the elevator with friends.

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