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Dylan Cornwell explores his musical career and shows us his beginnings through his new music track “Onward”. The song takes the listeners on a wild ride. Within a very short time of its release, the song has smashed the music charts. Fans around the world have now started to take notice of Dylan Cornwell’s talent.

An American resident, Dylan Cornwell realizes exactly what his fans needs. He has been exposed to the style of music that the people of LA prefer and enjoy and has suited his own music to meet those standards. As an Asian American, he shows us a sneak peek of his own culture and heritage through his music. And all of his fans seem to enjoy it.

“Onward” explores the start of house music by preserving its original style of it. It respects the classical techniques used while producing a house track and puts Dylan’s personal twist on it. The result of that is a piece of music that is catchy, enjoyable, and gets you dancing.

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