DJ Khaled Drops Music Video For “Beautiful” Featuring Future + SZA

DJ Khaled is known for having hitmakers on his album. He recently dropped the music video for “Beautiful,” featuring SZA and Future.


The chart-topping DJ is back at it with another music video for the song “Beautiful” from his latest album, GOD DID.

On his Instagram page, DJ Khaled shared a snippet of the video, starting with sweet talking a woman on a boat and calling her beautiful after the video’s track title.

Future and SZA brought a powerful rap and R&B collaboration to the track. 

Future rapped multiple verses while SZA provided her soulful vocals on the chorus.

The video takes place on a beach where the camera captures the ripples of the waves and a horse ride on the beach. 

DJ Khaled also serenades the same woman throughout the video.

Before the release of his 13th studio album, GOD DID, DJ Khaled released a song and video called “Staying Alive” with Drake and Lil Baby.

On August 26, DJ Khaled released GOD DID with a star-studded lineup of featured artists, including Drake, Lil Baby, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Eminem, Future, SZA, and more.

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