DJ Drama Says Gucci Mane and Drake Were Once Working on a Joint Project

Drake did a joint album with Future but did we miss out on a potential banger? According to DJ Drama, Drake was set to create a tape with Gucci Mane.

Drake and Gucci have collaborated on a couple of bangers in their past, including “Back on Road,” “Both,” and “My Business.” During his visit to My Expert Opinion, Drama revealed a whole tape was possible.

“We almost did a Gucci and Drake tape,” Drama said. “The first time they ever got on the phone together, I put ’em on the phone and they talked about doing a tape together. So there’s like three records on the Burrprint — no, not the Burrprint. The Cold War series that are Gucci and Drake records that were for that project. But yeah, the tape never happened but it was close.”

You can hear it from Drama below.

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