Did Megan Thee Stallion Copy Another Creator’s Work? New ‘HER’ Visuals Face Fan Backlash

Megan Thee Stallion’s recent album has been getting quite the looks, specifically for her single “HER.” Many are pointing out similarities between the Hottie and Todrick Hall.


The H-town hottie Megan Thee Stallion recently dropped her album Traumazine.

The album has been experiencing mixed reviews, and many fans have been calling out the lead single, “HER.” 

After the music video was released yesterday, Twitter users have more reason to compare it to Todrick Hall’s 2020 song, “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels.”

Twitter user  @lackadaisical_c brought up the song’s familiarity:

“Why does this remind me of a todrick hall song?..”

Another user even said they appear identical:

“Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Her’ is Todrick Hall’s ‘Nails Hair Hips Heels’ and no one can convince me otherwise.”

The Hotties came to the “Big Ole Freak” rapper’s defense, claiming that people just don’t understand how music works.

“People who are claiming @theestallion stole from Todrick Hall clearly don’t know how music works. It’s wild. #megtheestallion killed it on #Her

Another fan stated that Hall did not create the idea of rapping on a house instrumental.

“Rapping over a house beat was not invented by todrick hall you guys are going to hell for thisssss“

The multi-talented Todrick Hall has worked as a singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, choreographer, and producer. 

Hall has appeared on Broadway in Kinky Boots, Chicago, The Color Purple, and Memphis.

In addition to judging RuPaul’s Drag Race, Hall is the show’s resident choreographer.

Both songs begin with similar intro styles and beats and share similar music videos, with Hall having multiple men background dancers and Megan having women dancers.

Though the songs share many similarities, the “WAP” rapper has yet to confirm if her inspiration came from Todrick.

SOHH, is it a coincidence or biting?

Aside from copying claims, Megan Thee Stallion showed fans her more vulnerable side and addressed some heavy topics on her new album Traumazine.

The track that stood out the most to some fans was “Who Me” featuring Pooh Shiesty, where she addresses the Tory Lanez shooting incident.

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