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Dallas group Apollo Rarri & Gemini are ready for the world to hear their work. With a growing catalog and performances piling up around the city, Apollo Rarri & Gemini are capitalizing on their momentum. On their latest EP “Rock & Roll”, the two emcees put their minds together and create a body of work that sets them apart from the rest. 

Coming from Dallas, Texas, Apollo & Gemini had a myriad of influences to pull from. They began making music at about 11 years old, and have both been pushing their dream collectively and apart since. While Gemini was influenced by other southern rap artists like Gucci Mane & Lil Wayne, Apollo Rarri got his inspiration from lyrical hitmakers like J. Cole & Drake. Bringing together their distinct styles, Apollo Rarri & Gemini have made a new sound as a unit. In their latest EP “Rock & Roll”, their styles blend in a classic form that leaves audiences yearning for more. 

Listen to Apollo Rarri & Gemini on Spotify and get ready for new music from the Dallas group

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