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At 24, Grammy-nominated rapper Cordae became one of the few rappers to speak on the TED Talk platform. The DMV rapper gave an inspiring speech about what led him to be on stage after being a rapper with a Grammy nomination as a B-list celebrity.


The main topic of discussion was what led to his success with his mantra of living with a high-level mindset with his personal experience. 

According to the “B minus” Grammy-nominated rapper, The equation of having a “High-level Mindset” is to remain positive, always be intentional with your desires, discipline equal excellence, remove negative people and lastly, create a legacy. 

Cordae shares what the High-level mindset means: 

“The high-level mindset is not a recipe for perfection but a commitment to honoring your potential and what you have to offer the world. Also, it is about doing everything you put your hands on at the highest level that you are capable of doing”.

Three months after dropping his sophomore album, “From A Bird’s Eye View,” Cordae is back in his home state of North Carolina. He vows to make more music where it all began.

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