City Girls Address The Constant Comparisons Between Each Other On Latest Episode of “Caresha Please”

Like in any group, friction is bound to happen if comparisons arise. The City Girls addressed issues they’ve faced as a duo in their latest interview.


Rap duo The City Girls got emotional in the latest episode of Caresha Please.

Caresha Please is a sit-down talk show with host Yung Miami from The City Girls that airs exclusively on Revolt.

Miami interviewed her other half, JT, with the help of close friend and co-host, “Material Gworl” rapper Saucy Santana.

Toward the end of the lighthearted interview, it got a bit touchy as JT brought up the constant comparisons she sees people bring up on the internet with Yung Miami.

“Trick Daddy made a comment that nobody was checking for me,” said JT.

Lil Uzi Vert’s boo then opened up about the fanbase painting the narrative of her being “mean” while Miami is painted as the more fun, bubbly member.

Yung Miami and Saucy Santana debunked JT’s claim as she became teary-eyed about the situation. 

Santana assured JT that she wasn’t the only member facing hate; adding that there was a time when all the hate was focused on Yung Miami.  

In addition, Yung Miami also said she feels she gets more of the hate since she sees people often say they’d like JT “to go solo.”

Though the duo appears to be affected by the hate, they assured fans they have no plans of splitting.

Perhaps the City Girls can learn from other failed groups. 

Rap groups often decline quickly, even those that have experienced substantial success. The hip-hop family trio Migos are now “dós” with rumors of a possible split.

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