Ciara Announces New Skincare Line, OAM

Ciara announced on Instagram that she would be releasing a new skincare line.


The “My Goodies” singer has established a clinical-level self-care line named  OAMskin. The abbreviation stands for “On A Mission.”

The mother of three encourages future consumers to embrace their natural beauty. 

She provides her customers with hydrating cleansers, brightening pads, brightening serum, eye revitalizers, and radiance moisturizers, all packed with Vitamin C. 

The product will be available for people to purchase on September 15, 2022.

Skincare isn’t the only business venture Ciara is breaking into.

According to the Denver Post, Ciara and Russel Wilson launched their family clothing boutique, The House of LR&C, in Denver at Lone’s Tree Meadows Mall

The clothing line aims to include gender inclusiveness and offer a gender-inclusive style and gender-neutral streetwear.

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