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The music industry can be a tough place to enter since there are many aspiring artists worldwide, each with their own unique sound and personality. And when they do break through, they must find innovative means to promote and celebrate their artistry and preserve it as part of their legacy.

One such innovation that’s being used in the music industry is a free QR code generator online. Artists can use this advanced software to create QR codes and promote their discography.

QR Code Use-Cases For Music Artists

Here are some ideas on how artists can use QR codes for their music:

1. Generate website traffic

Artists can create a URL QR code that links to their website. After scanning the code, fans and users will land on the embedded web page. Fans can then check the website for tour schedules and official merchandise. During a concert, artists can easily post a QR code where people can find more details about their album, or a link to buying their merchandise.

2. Playlists

Music streaming platforms such as Spotify can help an artist reach more listeners and build a solid fan base. Singers and bands can make playlists of their top hits, or create playlists for various moods, which they can embed in a Spotify QR code.

3. Credits and acknowledgment

When musicians release albums, they often add printed dedications to their fans and a list of producer and co-writer acknowledgments.

Printing paper can be quite wasteful, and using them is just not sustainable in the long run. Since most releases are done digitally these days, music artists can use a PDF QR code to redirect users to a digital file containing these dedications. When a fan scans the code, their device will automatically open the PDF file.

4. Increase social media following

Social media platforms can affect a music act’s popularity and audience reach. This is also the first place where they promote their new music. A social media QR code can help them increase their followers on various social accounts. This dynamic QR code can save and display multiple social media handles on a single landing page.

5. Boost YouTube views

Reaching millions or billions of views on YouTube is a noteworthy milestone for any musical act. A YouTube QR code can help them achieve this feat. They can copy the link of their music video on YouTube, embed it in the code, and encourage fans to scan it.

Real QR Code Use-Cases For Music Artists

1. Redeemable NFTs at the BBMAs

The Pepsi Mic Drop x Billboard Music Awards “Winners’ Club” became a highlight at the 2022 BBMAs held last May 15th at the M.G.M. Grand Arena. It was a collection of limited edition NFTs that fans could redeem for free. 

As fans at home watched the live telecast of the event, QR codes flashed on their screens for each award category. The code redirected them to the Billboard ChartStars, where they could redeem the NFT. 

If you wish to create a Pepsi Mic Drop exclusive QR code for your music, a QR code generator with logo software can help. Customize the design, add your logo and call to action to it and attract more people to scan. 

2. Music preservation

Microsoft partnered with Elire Group to preserve worldwide music within glass plates that can survive wear and tear and last 10,000 years.

While the Global Music Vault considers this initiative, it has also experimented with using QR codes on long-lasting optical film that can store multitudes of data.

3. The Notorious B.I.G.’s 50th birthday event

A biggie tribute for the late rap icon took place on May 21st to celebrate his 50th birthday. The event used a QR code that routed fans to an Instagram filter that showed Biggie’s life and legacy.

4. QR codes for NFT authentication

An article by VentureBeat, Inc. explained how artists can create NFT membership tokens for their patrons. These tokens will give fans access to an artist’s exclusive content.

To prove the authenticity of these tokens, patrons can simply scan a QR code that will connect to their digital wallet apps.

QR Codes as an Effective Tool for the Music Industry

The music business has always adapted to the latest technological changes, allowing record labels and artists to experiment and ride with new trends on the market.

Since gaining a massive worldwide use two years ago, QR codes have become a top-rated tool for providing a convenient digital solution to its users. And from what it looks like, they’ll be good for the artists and music industry as a whole, too.

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