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Cardi B just dropped an official teaser and date for the music video for “Hot Sh*t.”


On Sunday, Cardi uploaded a five-second preview of her next music video for “Hot Sh*t” featuring Kanye West and Lil Durk.  

She initially teased the “Hot Shit” video on July 8, when she took to social media and asked fans if she should drop the visual, “LATER ON IN THE DAY OR MONDAY?”

Once she finally released the teaser, Cardi wrote the caption on Twitter:

“I know yall been waiting….HOT SHIT VIDEO THIS TUESDAY 7/12 8PM EST.”

In the clip, the rapper wore a futuristic black bodysuit while she made her way down a skyscraper. 

The song’s title is then shown in large red letters on top of the building.  

Thereafter, the clip ended with the video’s release date, “Tuesday 7/12 8PM EST”, set against a cloudy sky.

Cardi B took to Twitter to clear up fight rumors after a fan got too handsy at the Wireless Music Festival. 

The Bronx-born rapper, well-known for her fiery personality, had to let fans know what really went down.

It seems like Cardi B can’t catch a break when she’s not getting “dragged” by fans on social media, fans are creating fighting allegations. 

In a recent video that surfaced on the internet, Bartier Cardi was spotted being carried through a sea of fans while performing “Bodak Yellow” at the Wireless Music Festival in Norway.

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