Brent Faiyaz Responds To Joe Budden’s Claim That He’s Not An Independent Artist

Brent Faiyaz went on a familiar podcast to clap back at Joe Budden for assuming he was lying about being independent.


Brent Faiyaz responded to Joe Budden’s claims about him not being an independent artist.

While on the Million Dollarz Worth a Game podcast, Faiyaz was asked by Gillie if he was “truly” an independent artist: 

“Absolutely,” he answered.

The  “Wasting Time” singer then claps back at Joe for claiming he doesn’t make music on his own:

“This is why they think niggas got to a point where niggas fake the funk. I feel like damn niggas is really doing this, motherfuckers saw how I was living, every spot I moved into, every opportunity a nigga got, so if you doing your thing to a point where a nigga say you didn’t earn your shit, that’s how you know you killing it.”

 A few months ago, Joe Budden implied on his podcast that Faiyaz was not being truthful about being independent because he’s signed to a company named Venice:

Joe broke down how Venice is a major music label:

“Venice is a music company as well as a tech company and was co-founded in 2019 by Troy Carter, Julius Irving, and Suzie Ryoo who I am unfamiliar with.”

Later, Joe says artists like Fayiaz need to stop fooling the public:

“Stop trying to get me with yall music shenanigan tricks yo.”

Maybe this could be all a setup to see if Brent would come to sit down on the podcast and explain his contract with Joe.

Brent Faiyaz is not the only one who had to check the “Pump It Up” rapper over certain comments.

In June, Cardi B schooled Joe Budden after the podcaster speculated about apparent colorism in the New York strip club scene. 

Cardi agreed that strip clubs do favor a certain flavor, and it’s not just black women who get rejected.

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