Biggie Smalls’ Daughter, T’yanna Wallace, Puts House Up To Pay $1M Bail To Spring Boyfriend

T’yanna Wallace, daughter of hip-hop legend Christopher Wallace, AKA Biggie Smalls, recently posted a $1m bail for her boyfriend.


Documents filed in Queens Criminal Court show that T’yanna, who runs a Brooklyn-based clothing store made in memory of her late father, Notoriouss Clothing, put up her $1.5 million home in Brooklyn to secure Baldwin’s bond. 

T’yanna’s longtime boyfriend, Tyshawn Baldwin, was arrested over hit-and-run charges. The vehicular assault left three people injured, including a mother and her baby, according to Fox News. 

Baldwin, who has a kid with Wallace, was allegedly fleeing the police during a traffic stop and slammed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians. He was subsequently arrested six days later. According to The New York Post, Judge Scott Dunn set bail at $1m.

Meanwhile, Baldwin is facing 17 counts that include first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and endangering the welfare of a child.

While T’yanna is paying the bond to get her boyfriend out of jail, rapper Young Thug was denied bond for the third time during his last hearing. 

His lawyer, Brian Steel, implied the rapper was the victim of a law enforcement vendetta from a 2015 drive-by shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

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