Beirutimes’ New Track “Timing” Revitalizes The House Music Industry

Beirutimes’ latest track, “Timing,” has just been published. The song has gained a significant amount of traction on the internet since its release. As soon as it was published, it instantly became viral on the internet. Beirutimes’ music and the song’s catchiness combine to create a gem.

Beirutimes is a newcomer to the music industry, but he is not a novice. Five tracks have been released by Beirutimes this year. The amount of emotion Beirutimes sought to create in them can be heard when you listen to the songs. In particular, “Timing” demonstrates this. Music lovers of all ages will enjoy listening to this song.

The music in “Timing” gives the idea that it might be played eternally without getting boring. Listen to the song over and over again because of whatever it is about it that makes you want to do so. In light of that, Beirutimes’ talents are clearly on display.

For further information, go to Beirutimes’ IG page @beirutimes

You may listen to Beirutimes’ music on Spotify: 


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