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ASAP Rocky has grown a lot since his Live. Love. ASAP days, he is now the father of a child with Rihanna. The game has changed a lot since ASAP first made his debut, and some say for the worse, and some for the better. However, in a new interview with Jerrod Carmichael, ASAP thinks that the rap game is “not as mature” and “stuck in a state of adolescence.” And who does he blame for this? None other than Big Draco himself, Soulja Boy.

“Rap is in its adolescence and it’s been stuck here since Soulja Boy,” Rocky said. “Before, everybody looked 35 and up. When Lil Wayne and Jay-Z and T.I. and Jeezy and Ross was on, rappers looked old. Like, we had Lil’ Bow Wow and that was it. That all changed with the internet and self-releasing. Now, rap is stuck in this braggadocious, adolescent space. It’s not as mature.”

Jerrod then shouted out Jay-Z, saying that his 2017 album 4:44 was the first time you heard a rapper talk about his family life. Rocky then began talking about the expectations of artists in 2022, stating that “there’s a responsibility to put people on the right path.”

Soulja has since responded to ASAP’s claim while on Instagram live.

“Come on, man. Stop listening to people, bro,” Soulja said. “N*ggas don’t know what the f*ck they talking about, on gang. That’s what I found out, bro. These niggas don’t be knowing what the f*ck they talking about, bro. N*ggas be on my Instagram, niggas be on Twitter, niggas be in person talking… about nothing. Bro, what is you talking about, bro? What is you talking about? N*ggas be talking about everything but how to get some money.”

In the past, however, ASAP Rocky has shown his admiration for the “Rick And Morty” rapper. In a 2019 interview with L.A.’s 92.3, Rocky said, “If it wasn’t for Soulja Boy, A$AP Rocky probably wouldn’t be around.”

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