Al Harrington’s Viola Brands Taps Guap for Viola Vibes System Launch

Al Harrington founded Viola, a high-end Black-owned cannabis brand with a mission, and is launching the Viola Vibes System with GUAP‘s assistance.

In order to launch a brand refresh, Viola needed to make a commercial that resonated with its audience. To do this, they teamed up with GUAP and added a cameo from Harrington.

In order to demonstrate that there is something for everyone’s vibe, whatever it may be, the voiceover introduces viewers to Viola Vibes System (VVS), their new approach to curating consumers’ experiences with our company while delivering knowledge on their offers.

By classifying each Viola flower strain into one of four categories, VVS will make the choosing and purchasing procedure easier. Using the “What’s your vibe?” questionnaire or the assistance of a nearby budtender, customers will be able to discover things that suit their vibe and make purchases of those items.

The vibes include: Get Up and Go: perfect for those looking to feel energized. Good Times is created for those looking to indulge in good spirits. Kick Back for simple relaxation, and Lights Out, ready to die straight into serenity, tranquility, and peace.

You can see the full commercial here.

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