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After A$AP Rocky was almost hit in the face with a fan’s phone, he invites the fan onstage instead of lashing out.


In a video shared on SOHH’s TikTok account, rapper A$AP Rocky is seen inviting a fan on stage after the fan threw a phone at him during a show in Latvia. 

After the fan got on stage, the “Praise The Lord” rapper did the unexpected. 

Instead of lashing out at the fan for almost injuring him, he hugged and warned him about his actions. The fan proceeded to hug Rocky and tell him how much he loves him. 

Before resuming the concert, A$AP tells the fan, “I love you too, so you ready to go crazy?”

A$AP is not the only artist to make a fan’s day. 

Recently, The Weeknd flew a young fan named Phoenix to his concert in Philadelphia after his Toronto show was postponed. The young boy was able to walk around the set with his father and have special access that not many XO fans get to receive.

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